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Receiving Response

Every marketer hopes for a positive response to his advertisement or mailing, for it will lead to good sales and excellent results. Respondents can react in different ways: by telephone, by completing a questionnaire on your website, by fax, or by using the classic reply coupon. The response should be received quickly and adequately, so that the respondent’s parcel is delivered soon. Postalux can handle it, regardless of the channel the respondent has chosen.

Receiving Response by Phone

Our call centre employees stand by for orders by phone, to speak with your respondents skilfully, inform them about the product and assist them in placing the order. For every respondent a personal file is created in the database, so that you can get in touch later.


For applications by fax the general Postalux number is made available. If you prefer to use a number of your own, we can arrange it without any difficulty.

Reply coupons

For reply coupons sent in we make our post office boxes in Belgium and the Netherlands available. If you want to have a post office box number of your own, it can be arranged immediately.

Receiving Response Digitally

If you prefer to receive your orders digitally, the IT department of Postalux can develop a solution for your website that is easy to control, for importing your products in your personal database.

In short, Postalux can offer your respondent the response reception via every channel possible. For every manner of correspondence Postalux has the proper solution or technology in place. What is more, Postalux is known for setting up such channels free of charge whenever possible.