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Direct Mailing

A manner often used to address people personally is sending a direct mailing – which Postalux can take care of. These personalised mailings yield better results.

Quite a lot needs to be done to prepare an effective direct mailing, especially if you want to add a response option. It is a time-consuming affair, but you can leave it to Postalux. With our knowledge, your mailings will be a success, with high sales figures as a result. Keeping a structured address database is key for using systematic funnelling to get the most out of your mailing.

Do you have a mailing, but does it still need to be printed, folded and inserted into envelopes? Postalux can charge competitive prices, because we offer this service to other customers too in high volumes.

Postalux can also personalise reorder forms, temporary actions, and promotions and deliver these to the end customer in every country.