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Call Centre Activities

At your request, customers can also be contacted by our call centre: a very personal way of contact with your customer. Making an information number available is often an essential part of customer services. Postalux can take care of this, using customer-friendliness as a basic principle.


Call centre: customer-friendly tactics

Call centre activity is a discipline you had better outsource to specialists who have the required experience and techniques. They are able to answer first-line questions about your services and products. They also record your orders and do everything necessary concerning follow-up activities, such as sending brochures or extra product information to prospects. Our experienced call centre employees have taken a thorough training and are supported by several automated systems.

Affordable Expertise

Setting up an in-house call centre can be very expensive. It is much cheaper to outsource these services to an existing centre that has all the expertise required. In this way, you free up time that you can spend on your core business. At the Postalux Call Centre, your customers get the correct answers quickly, their calls are answered professionally, and they can receive the information they are looking for. This method prevents your own employees from being inundated with standard questions.