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Project Assistentie

If you consider selling your product via one of the channels already mentioned, Postalux would be pleased to help you find the most economical and profitable solution. Project assistance is particularly interesting when you work from abroad as a customer and know little about the legislation on transfers between the country where your company is established and the destination country.

Postalux can be the contact to make your project a success. With our experience and expertise, we get down to the heart of the matter immediately. With Postalux as a project assistant you save time and money. We provide tailor-made, professional solutions to all your business needs.

Setting up a webshop

Do you have an existing website, but do you want to add online payments and orders? Postalux helps you develop your website professionally into a fully-fledged webshop. For instance, Postalux can use its own webserver if heavy applications are involved that have to run steadily. It can also be used for sending your e-mailing, submitting to you a daily report on the traffic results on your website per day.

Preparing a mailing.

You know your own product best, but communicating this to the customer is another matter. Postalux helps you design a professional lay-out for the information and prepare a text that sells the product. Our experienced copywriters will certainly convince the respondents to your mailing.

Preparing an advertisement

What applies to mailings also applies to advertisements: our copywriters can help prepare your texts for publication. Postalux ensures that the advertisement, laid out beautifully and professionally, appears in the magazines of your choice.