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Where business mail is concerned, Postalux offers the total package. From packing and addressing to delivery to the end customer, Postalux controls the entire fulfilment process to serve you in the best way possible. Any special wishes? The flexible service applies to all services, including subsequent deliveries, (temporary) storage, and delivery on demand.

How does it work? For all national and international shipments we cooperate with various postal companies and couriers. In addition, we deliver products to companies and private individuals in Belgium. In this way, we guarantee service tailored to the needs and wishes you and your customers have. Delivery by appointment and personal contact are some of the strengths of Postalux.



Fulfilment: Mail activities

  • Processing response details and response orders, with the database managed on our system or via the database on your own servers;
  • Opening a post office box number and business reply numbers;
  • Printing dispatch notes and invoices with your company logo;
  • Enclosing extra advertising material or user manuals;
  • Addressing by means of stickers;
  • Folding documents and inserting these in envelopes, with or without enclosures;
  • Delivering products in Belgium and the Netherlands that are too large or too heavy for shipment via regular postal companies;
  • Delivery by appointment;
  • Handling return shipments.


Fulfilment: Product storage

  • Storing items;
  • Collecting/order picking, packing and shipping items from inventory;
  • Storing and shipping catalogues, brochures and premiums;
  • Keeping the product inventory.


Fulfilment: Other

  • Collecting payments/transfers/authorisations for single direct debits from your customers;
  • Collecting invoices via local bank accounts in the destination country;
  • Call centre activities
  • Putting advertisements in publications.
  • Developing and printing mailings

The best first impression

We all know you do not get a second chance to make this important first impression. This is why we pack and ship your product with special care and attention. Small wonder that many companies opt for subcontracting the fulfilment – from storage and order handling to shipment – to Postalux. You only need to submit an order file, and we will see to the rest. From printing dispatch notes to packing your products and shipping the orders, just leave everything to us. We even take care of handling any return shipments and keeping your product inventory.