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Have you released a mailing or advertising? Postalux can use data entry to process the generated response for you. We send you a daily report, which is sent to you via a frequency you have chosen, to give you insight into the response figures. You can opt for receiving the original purchase orders and processing these whenever you want, but you can also have Postalux open the response. In this way, you do not need to perform the data processing yourself. Instead the process is executed for you in a database specifically created for you. This system is not restricted to orders; it can process participation forms, competitions and questionnaires as well.


Data: Personal database

Our system is also suitable for including essential information in the personal customer files, such as advertisement codes, e-mail addresses, dates of birth, etc. This organised database may later serve for renting out to list brokers or for sending new product mailings to your customers. In this way, you make optimum use of the data collected.

Of course, we can also process all data directly on an external server, straight from your own database.